Adult Cooking Parties

Instead of going out to eat, plan a cooking party!

Think of the fun of getting together a bunch of friends or family and planning a themed cooking party.  Everyone learns some new skills, shares a lot of laughs, and enjoys a great meal they’ve cooked together.

Team Building with the  Digital Sales team for Pearson enjoyed a
“ firecracker challenge” after 25 minutes and “Hands UP” the judges went to work.
The Team went to work and prepared a marinated skirt steak, Chicken in white wine with mushrooms, roasted Brussel sprouts with pomegranate glaze butternut squash ravioli with homemade pasta and apple strudel.

Hoboken Moms’ Night Out

Moms prepared roasted butternut squash soup with frizzled shallots, butterflied chicken, best ever meatballs, Brussel Sprouts with honey drizzle, and sour cream chocolate chip cupcakes. Lots of wine, cooking  tips (like how to peel and cut butternut squash) and “kid” talk. The immediate feedback was “when can we do this again”?

Couples Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Couples celebrate Valentine’s Day together with: spicy salmon and roasted garlicky asparagus to start the night. Finish off the evening with lots of laughs and individual strawberry shortcakes.

Big Brother Program Cooks

The Brother Program brought Big Bro’ Justin and Maurice together for an activity to hone their culinary skills.  They made caramelized bacon, pizza dough, individual pizzas, petite croque monsieur, and Aztec brownies.  They did such a good job!

Pandemic Birthday Celebration

Celebrating Samantha’s 29th birthday with Mom and sister, Tiffany.  Out for lunch and then a DIY dessert party complete with marbled strawberries, chocolate chip cupcakes, and creme au Grand Marnier with berries and coulis.  So many laughs and lots of fun.  It pays to be 29!

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