Schedule of Events

March 6: Private team building class for Ralph Lauren North America.

March 9: Privat Diner party for 6 couples 

March 10: 10-noon 8 Year old and younger with adult: Chicken Finger with miso honey glaze, crudite with dip, snickerdoodles, and pineapple apricot fizz

March 10: 1-3pm 8 years old and up (kid only): stir fry Korean beef in lettuce cups with chili sauce, vegetable fried rice, zebra-striped cookies.

March 13: 11-1: 30 pm Adult-Spring appetizer: muster and gruyere baton, spiced roasted chickpeas, ricotta crostini with asparagus and spicey honey, lobster slider, and spiced lamb pizza bites.

March 30: 10-noon 8 years old and younger with adults: April’s fool twists: Chicken finger,  cheese straws, tossed salad, checkerboard cookies.

March 30 1-3pm 8 years old and younger (kid only): April Fool’s Twist; spaghetti pie, tossed salad with vinaigrette, elephant ears and bleeding-heart cookies.