Build the Team While Partying

Risk Management Solutions (RMS) was interested in partying after a long day of meetings. We broke the ice with a blind taste test of Hoboken’s home made “mutz”. Three different varieties were tasted. The group’s palate was very diverse and there was no clear winner-we must keep tasting! They collaborated on the arugula salad with spicy walnuts, fennel stuffed salmon, home made pasta, broccoli rabe, crepes and cream. The collaboration ended when we turned to creating a sauce for our home made pasta. The competition was fierce to create the best sauce possible in 25 minutes. Team #1 won by merely 2 pints, Team #2 needed a little more salt for their sauce. One overheard comment from the group was, “This was really different” with a smile on her face! ‘Twas a memorable evening.

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