Movado Mixes It Up

movado2The Movado Group celebrated their international sales team with a participatory class. They made a tower of mustard and gruyere baton, home made pasta, grilled skirt steak, broccoli rabe with white beans and lemon and finished the night off with crème au Grand Marnier with raspberries and a raspberry coulis. They engaged in a “fierce” competition to make their best sauce for the pasta using shrimp and scallops. Their sauteeing, deglazing, reducing and flavor adjustments were quite evident! The white team won and both teams were awarded prizes. The beer and wine were flowing and on the eve of the big lottery jackpot, a few white and blue team members ran out to buy lottery tickets for the whole group. Alas, the half billion was won by others‼ No one quit their Movado jobs!

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