ABC’S of COOKING (Kids’ Class)

8-12 year-olds

Day 1-Roasting, Grilling and Broiling: grilled shrimp with miso vinaigrette, roasted carrots, artichoke and parmesan bruschetta, grilled peaches with honey lime sauce

Day 2-Braising, Frying, Stir Frying: home made spaghetti, braised short ribs in tomato sauce, bean and shrimp salad, stir fry chicken and broccoli, cheese blintzes

Day 3-Baking: cheese sticks, cheddar cheese and red pepper strata, blueberry buckle, chocolate cupcake with cream filling and oatmeal cookies

Day 4-Cooking in Color: confetti salsa and guacamole with home made pita chips, tomato bruschetta, fresh corn and arugula salad, crepe cones, caprese salad, tomato roses, chocolate roses scallion brushes

Day 5-Plan your Own Feast-students collaborate to create their own meal


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