Cooking Fun


Hoboken Moms’ Night Out

March 9, 2017   Moms prepared roasted butternut squash soup with frizzled shallots, butterflied chicken, best ever meatballs, Brussel Sprouts with honey drizzle, and sour cream chocolate chip cupcakes. Lots of wine, cooking  tips (like how to peel and cut butternut squash) and "kid" talk. The immediate feedback was "when can we do this again"? Read more

Couples Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Couples celebrate Valentine's Day together with: spicy salmon and roasted garlicky asparagus to start the night. Finish off the evening with lots of laughs and individual strawberry shortcakes. Read more

Love on Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day brings out the heart in everyone, chocolate and vanilla lovers unite with these brownies! All you need is a heart shaped cookie cutter.   Read more

Bake for the Holidays

Bake for the Holidays for Teens and Parents, December 2015. Grasshopper bars and Linzer torte in the making! Read more

Cooking Surprise!

Kelly invited 6 couples to a cooking class to surprise her boyfriend for his birthday.  All of the couples rolled up their sleeves, discussed the pros and cons about their favorite local mozzarella cheese (Vito's, Fiore's or Lisa's) made exquisite gruyere and mustard cheese sticks, home made fettuccine with Nonna's bolognese sauce and the perfect chicken francese.  They completed the party with a chocolate truffle tart with whipped cream-not from a can!  What a luscious celebration. Read more

Celebrate with Mom

Eighteen kids and parents gathered to celebrate Mom on Mother’s Day by making chicken francese, stuffed tomatoes, sautéed sugar snap peas with Black sesame seeds and 3 orange and strawberry tarts with caramelized peppers. The kids mastered handling a chef knife by chopping garlic and parsley. What a fabulous job they did! Read more

Romance on Valentine’s Day

Josh and Mariya celebrated a romantic Valentine’s Day by chopping, pureeing and whipping together. They prepared a white bean crostini with sun dried tomatoes, a beautiful, smooth and creamy three onion soup with tawny port wine and NO CREAM, a mustard glazed sockeye salmon, roasted root vegetables and lemon cream and berry martinis. Long live the romantics! Read more

The Women Party!

The Mother-Daughter/Daughter-in-law class was a spectacular way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Lunch started with almond nutty kale chips massaged by the talented Erin and her Mom. It was followed with a luscious roasted root vegetable soup. Mona, Terri and Laurie worked very hard on the spinach roulade stuffed with sautéed mushroom, asparagus and mascarpone cheese, Jamin on the zucchini cut with the spiralizer and sautéed with tomatoes and toasted pine nuts. Dessert was a mound of cinnamon chips with lemon ... Read more