Team Events


Midland Park Gym

The gym in Midland Park celebrated a year of full on training with the best trainers on the planet.  Chris loves his trainers and treated them to a night of fine foods:  Hoboken mutz taste test, meatballs, lemon chicken skewers, pigs in blankets (all time favorite) and fig and goat cheese tartlets followed by beef tenderloin with caramelized onions and horseradish, pasta amatriciana, charred Brussels sprouts, string beans with pancetta and shallots and roasted asparagus with vinaigrette.  Dessert was  decadent- brownies ... Read more

Corporate Team Building for UBS

Homemade pasta with Amatriciana sauce and olive oil tasting. Read more

ThomsonReuters NY/NJ Sales Region Team Building Event

The sales team gathered and demanded a cooking competition. Twenty minutes of frantic and chaotic activity. One member panicked, "I need a burner". Another was searching for white wine vinegar and pignoli nuts and another burned the baguette. That team solved their problem by shaving the bread. Turns out the burnt baguette team won with a judge stating "the flavor was nice and smokey!" Perfect example of the team making lemonade from lemons. Read more

Birthday Celebration for SueZQ

A birthday celebration for SueZQ, December 2015: They made caramelized bacon, butternut squash soup with frizzled shallots, chicken Francaise, mashed potatoes, and yummy coconut cupcakes! Finger licking good! Read more

Pasta Making

Juniors from Stevens Institute of Technology learn to make homemade fettuccine with Amatriciana sauce. The pasta was over three feet long and made for messy twirling. Sure beats dorm food!   Read more

My Pasta is Better Than Yours!

The Instructional Resources Group of Pearson in Hoboken had a culinary competition on June 17th. The two teams prepared individualized crostini, homemade pasta with 2 sauces, asparagus with pancetta and lemon, and seasonal strawberry shortcakes. The competition was enthusiastically received and the bolognese sauce was kicked up several notches! Molto bene a tutti! Read more

Working Together

La Casa de Don Pedro had a team building cooking event in June in Hoboken. Chefs Randi and Casey led the group in the preparation of a toasted couscous salad, saute of chicken in a white wine sauce, asparagus with pancetta and lemon, and a blueberry pistachio crisp. They competed in the mystery basket crostini event. The winners gained boasting rights in the office! They wrote: "I want to say thank you for holding a truly wonderful event last Friday. Chef ... Read more

Breakfast With the Girls

The women gathered and prepared individualized versions of green juice; some included ginger, pears, apples, lemons, limes, and carrots with their favorite greens: kale, Italian parsley, and Swiss chard. Read more

The Volvo Cars Finance Department

The corporate finance department at Volvo cars competed for coveted prizes. Each team prepared a cauliflower and quinoa salad, chicken, beef, and vegetable fajitas, fresh corn and basil salad, grilled vegetables with charmoula butter, and a chocolate truffle tart. The vegetarians were delighted and the competition stiff. One team hid their finished and plated dishes from the other teams so their garnishing efforts would be winners - and they were!! See the picture with the towels hanging over the table!   Read more

NYIT Kicked Off New School Year

Resident hall advisers kicked off the new school year with a team building culinary extravaganza! Hands on for all 22 people making homemade ravioli, butterflied roasted chicken, smashed Yukon Gold potatoes with Parmesan cheese, incredible garlic bread, and mixed berries with homemade, mouth-watering whipped cream! Doesn't taste like dorm food! Read more
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