Team Events

SHI International’s Cooking Competition

SHI International came to Hoboken for a full blown cooking competition. Two teams of 12 members prepared a complete dinner in 2 hours under supervision of Chefs Marla and Casey. They prepared an arugula salad with spicy walnuts, shaved manchego cheese and Honeycup mustard vinaigrette, salute of chicken with asparagus,mushrooms and sun dried tomatoes, posted herbed potatoes and chocolate cream filled cupcakes (just like Hostess cupcakes!!). Team 1's cupcakes didn't have enough cream filling in the center so Team A took ... Read more

Build the Team While Partying

Risk Management Solutions (RMS) was interested in partying after a long day of meetings. We broke the ice with a blind taste test of Hoboken’s home made “mutz”. Three different varieties were tasted. The group’s palate was very diverse and there was no clear winner-we must keep tasting! They collaborated on the arugula salad with spicy walnuts, fennel stuffed salmon, home made pasta, broccoli rabe, crepes and cream. The collaboration ended when we turned to creating a sauce for our home ... Read more

Sandvik Team Building

The international leadership team from Sandvik engaged in their second round of leadership training chose a culinary extravaganza in the middle of a snow storm. The undaunted leaders from Sweden led the group through the snow, arriving with snow ladened bodies. Once everyone warmed up with cheese and crackers, we divided into 5 teams to prepare dinner: lemon hummus with crudité, roasted tomato and white bean soup, home made fettucini with tomato vegetable sauce, butterflied roasted chicken with garlic, rosemary and ... Read more

The Women Party!

The Mother-Daughter/Daughter-in-law class was a spectacular way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Lunch started with almond nutty kale chips massaged by the talented Erin and her Mom. It was followed with a luscious roasted root vegetable soup. Mona, Terri and Laurie worked very hard on the spinach roulade stuffed with sautéed mushroom, asparagus and mascarpone cheese, Jamin on the zucchini cut with the spiralizer and sautéed with tomatoes and toasted pine nuts. Dessert was a mound of cinnamon chips with lemon ... Read more

Movado Mixes It Up

The Movado Group celebrated their international sales team with a participatory class. They made a tower of mustard and gruyere baton, home made pasta, grilled skirt steak, broccoli rabe with white beans and lemon and finished the night off with crème au Grand Marnier with raspberries and a raspberry coulis. They engaged in a “fierce” competition to make their best sauce for the pasta using shrimp and scallops. Their sauteeing, deglazing, reducing and flavor adjustments were quite evident! The white team won ... Read more

“Flawless” vs “Kitchen Bitches”

Team FLAWLESS and Team KITCHEN BITCHES from Edelman clashed on December 17, 2014 to celebrate the holiday season.  Both teams came dressed to the teeth for the culinary competition.  FLAWLESS wore self adorned sparkling aprons and the KITCHEN BITCHES wore bandanas and face paint to ward off their opponents.  So much energy bouncing in the kitchen.  They learned how to make smooth and creamy mashed potatoes-use the secret tool!  The Firecracker Challenge was a give and take affair and the end ... Read more

An Immersion Blender Flies

Immersion Blender spews red sauce!  While demonstrating the technique of pureeing a tomato vegetable sauce for Aeropostale’s holiday party on December 16, the immersion blender took on a life of its own.  Our yummy sauce was flying all over!  Fortunately, we doubled the recipe and had plenty for the home made linguini.  The Aztec brownies were a big hit and so very easy!  Holiday gifts were shared and a successful 2015  is to come. Read more

Adform Comes to the United States

December 10,  2014, Adform, celebrated the holidays AND their first year expanding into the United States market with a team building cooking class in Manhattan.  They feasted on their collaborative efforts to prepare herb infused shrimp cocktail, butterflied roasted chicken with lemon, rosemary and garlic, smashed Yukon Gold potatoes, pasta with amatriciana sauce and lemon mascarpone crepes with a raspberry sauce.  Everyone was a member of the clean plate club and “This was  even better than I thought it would be” ... Read more

Synduit’s Culinary Extravaganza

December 6, 2014 twelve Synduit employees plus a mystery guest celebrated a successful 2014 and the upcoming holidays with a team building culinary extravaganza.  They prepared and dined on bacon wrapped dates stuffed with toasted almonds, pistachio crusted chicken, vegetable and quinoa soufflé, double chocolate pudding with freshly whipped cream.  The highlight of the night was the “firecracker challenge”:  four teams competing to make the best “appetizer” using the ingredients offered.  The competition was fierce including heckling during the judging. Read more

Mercedes Benz Cruises Through a Steak Dinner

Abbey, a chef at COOK EASE, led a group of managers from Mercedes Benz USA on a culinary adventure.  They collaborated on preparing a roasted beet and crispy goat cheese salad, marinated skirt steak with chimichurri sauce, quinoa and vegetable soufflé, shredded Brussel sprouts with bacon and an apple crisp with oats and ice cream.  They enthusiastically engaged in the "firecracker challenge" and the winners took home prizes.  Congratulations to all! Read more
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