Italian Cooking Class Series with Learn Italian Hoboken

January 17, 2014   7-9:30pm           Home made pasta with ragu Bolognese, onion soup Emilia Romagnia style and tortelloni with sage butter sauce

February 14, 2014   7-9:30pm         Home made pasta with amatriciana sauce, stacciatella alla Romana (egg drop soup) and gnocchi di ricotta con salsiccia e finocchi (ricotta gnocchi with fennel and sausage)

March 14, 2014     7-9:30pm            Risotto alla Parmigiana, meatless lasagna and zucchini gratinate

April 25, 2014     7-9:30pm             Pappardelle al ragu, home made maltagliati with oven dried tomatoes, basil and black pepper mascarpone, panzanella(bread salad)

May 16, 2014       7-9:30pm             Home made pansotti con salsa di noci (walnut sauce), home made trofie with pesto and patate all Boscaiola (potatoes baked with mushrooms)

June 13, 2014     7-9:30pm             Insalata caprese with fresh “mutz”, Neapolitan meatballs and cannelloni al forno


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